It Takes Vision To Be A Real Estate Developer

At Modern Funding, we know that finding construction financing can be challenging and time-consuming. You spend your days at your project sites and searching for your next deal, and you don’t have time to pitch deals to lenders. You need a partner who can help sell your vision to the right lender who wants to help make your vision a reality.

We want to be your go-to partner for commercial real estate construction loans. If you have a project that you need help getting out of the ground, complete our loan referral form or contact us.

Construction Loans from Modern Funding

Land Acquisition and Development

You need a loan to acquire a parcel of undeveloped land. Your plan is to make it construction-ready by the installation of sewer, water or power lines to the site and securing the required building permits.


Construction Loans from Modern Funding


A construction loan is required when land is ready to be developed or when you plan to significantly renovate an existing property. The construction loan will fund hard construction costs needed to complete the development project.


Construction Loans from Modern Funding

Mini-Perm or Bridge

Upon reaching certain development milestones such as receiving a Certificate of Occupancy, developers may seek to replace their construction loan with a mini-perm (or “bridge”) loan. This provides interim financing before the property is fully-leased and ready for permanent, long-term financing.


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